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Solidworks 2018 Premium
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SolidWorks 2018 Premium. Your Personal 3D CAD Design Tool Set

The new release made by Dassault Systemes is a great step forward which gives professionals new options for simulation, creation, publishing and managing 3D models. The key purpose of the new product is to simplify engineering processes to the maximum possible level. Besides, it should provide users with all necessary tools for conceptual design, the layout of the product, dynamics and strength reports and a number of other options.

Key Functionality

Its powerful testing options allowing users to simulate natural life circumstances are the most attractive ones.
Analytical options were specially designed to find and solve assembly issues and eliminate them at early stages, thus, prevent problems at the manufacturing stage.
Additional instruments are able to incorporate printed circuit board data into a 3D model. This release gives users more options for creation and documentation of layouts for electrical wiring, tubing, and piping.
Among the other enhancements, available in the new release, we should definitely mention the following ones:

  • Linear Static Reports for Parts and Assemblies

  • Time-based Motion Reports

  • Routing of Tubes and Pipes

  • Routing of Electrical Cabling and Wiring Harnesses

  • Improved Surface Flattening

Definitely, this list can be longer but it is better if you test all of them by yourself.

Analysis of the Major Advantages of the Software

The main thing we have to admit is that this product is very easy to use. All processes were simplified. Thus, users will spend less time to develop one or another thing. Due to this functionality, users can launch their products to the market faster. One more important thing is that the app helps enhance quality and reliability to a great extent.
To make visualization and pre-manufacturing virtual testing with ease, you’ll need to use a 3D Solid Modelling feature. This option is very useful as it seriously improves the development processes and reduces the manufacturing cost.
The software has a feature which is capable of making large assembly designs. The designs can contain more than one hundred thousand parts.
This app is a great tool for creating a wide variety of sheet metal part designs with the help of professional Solidworks Premium tools.
Weldments are very good for building designs with extrusions. Besides, they allow users to make cut lists and material bills in a split second. This feature seriously improves the design and manufacturing processes of welded frames, bases, and structures.
Along with the above-mentioned features, the Premium version is very good for making plastic and cast part designs that correspond to durability and aesthetics production standards.
Mold design can also be done very easily thanks to the fully integrated mold design capabilities. The software updates all file parts automatically and records all changes up until the end of the manufacturing process.  
Electrical Cable Harness and Conduit design options provide specialists with features allowing them to add wire, cable, conduit and harness systems for a design. You can also work on Complete BOMs and path scheduling through the use of Solidworks Premium.
Advanced features for Tubing and Piping design help make product development process faster and less expensive. These tools are well for 3D design for hydraulic, pneumatic, piping and other systems before going into production.

Features and Options

  • Large Assembly Design

  • Sheet Metal Design

  • Weldments

  • Mold Design

  • CAD Import and Export

  • Conceptual Design

  • Direct Model Editing

  • Enhanced Surface Design

  • Advanced Surface Flattening

  • Routing of Rectangular and other sections

  • Revision Control

  • CAD search, etc.

This software product is a unique tool which helps 3D design professionals quickly and conveniently get the project done. The latest release provides users with a variety of top-quality tools, allowing them to fulfill all processes rapidly without loss of quality. We recommend buying this application to improve design and production flows to the completely new level.

SOLIDWORKS® 2018 provides new tools and enhancements to help you get your design to manufacturing faster, with higher quality and at lower costs.
Design to final assembly work can now happen concurrently in one seamlessly integrated and managed system.

Top Five New Features in Solidworks

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