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SketchUp Pro 2017
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SketchUp Pro 2017 is the brand new software developed for the creation of lifelike design models. In the new edition, the development team made serious enhancements to the graphics pipeline. The enhancements allow making more realistic 3D models everywhere you use SketchUp, LayOut, Warehouse, Trimble Connect, etc.

Together with graphics improvements, the software got serious changes, related to transparency. Now, this option renders faster and with much better quality. The app now provides more realistic displaying of multiple transparencies and allows getting more realistic sense of depth through several see-through faces. Except for the above-mentioned changes, users received the option to fine-tune the opacity level in an X-ray mode.

The new version contains a new instrument called Smart Offset. The tool helps elude overlapping and self-intersecting geometry.

Our next option is High DPI Modeling. The development team tuned snapping and inferencing for high definition monitors as well as smart-scaled edge weights.
One more feature, called Righteous Rectangles, helps users utilize arrow-key axis-locking.

SketchUp Pro also got an option which allows managing spreadsheets. Thanks to the Tables feature, users received an option to edit text, style cells, change columns and rows, etc. Users can create a completely new Table or import an Excel or CSV file.

Taking into account that many customers used linework from SketchUp in various CAD apps, the developers made crucial changes to Layout’s DWG/DXF exporter with the aim to simplify the working process and make it much quicker.

Now, a nine-page LayOut is exported as a single DWG with nine separate tabs for every page.

In the current version, native entities like clipping masks, dimensions and labels are imported directly into AutoCad.

Smart Scaling allows setting LayOut exports according to the paper-size and model space.

Due to the color by Layer feature, which was added to CAD exports, all entities on a certain layer can be exported as one color.

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I bought Windows license. The manager advised me to buy the academic license not to overpay. The box with Windows was delivered in a few days. The installed it for 30 minutes, it works great, I am satisfied. Thank you!
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