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Microsoft AutoRoute 2011 Europe
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Microsoft AutoRoute 2011 Europe is a specific route planning software from Microsoft containing up to date information on the roads of European countries. The software ensures valid data for users and businesses to plan trips in advance. This version of the software contains over 5,4 million miles of the roads with essential data to consider for choosing of the route. Any route reviewed in the software is marked with points of essential interest which are of great help not only for vacationers but for business trips as well. You will find up to date information on the ATMs, hotels, restaurants, landmarks, fuel stations. The software allows to avoid unwanted situations on the road of running out of gas, money, or simply getting lost on European roads.

The software allows to explore routes, compare roads and to analyse which one will be preferable for a trip you are planning. The software does not require active internet connection to explore routes – all the data are available offline.

Microsoft AutoRoute 2011 Europe for users

If you are a curious traveller desiring to use each day of your journey through Europe with maximum efficiency, then Microsoft AutoRoute 2011 Europe is essential for you. Just launch the software and choose the points of interest for a journey you plan. The software will show you all available routes which will get you to the points of interest as well as among them. As the software provides important information on the check points on the roads – as places to eat, stop, see – it will help to perfectly organize your trip. The software allows to plan and save your routes to get then directed when you are already on the road.

Microsoft AutoRoute 2011 Europe for businesses

If you are running a business with delivery in Europe, then Microsoft AutoRoute 2011 Europe will be of essential help for you. Explore roads and routes, traffic density, stop spots, eating facilities and gas stations to plan the best routes for your transportation department. With Microsoft AutoRoute 2011 Europe you will be able to optimize the routes and thus save time and costs on logistics, transportation and delivery planning.

Key features of the Microsoft AutoRoute 2011 Europe release

• The Microsoft AutoRoute 2011 Europe release offers complete road maps of 37 of European countries (Eastern and Western Europe)
• Planning tools for transportation including stops, eating facilities, gas stations
• Driving and stopping time tracking
• Tools for trip optimization – you can set points of interest and the software will offer the best routes for your task
• Tools for calculations of time, miles and expenses in advance
• Fast and easy address location – the Microsoft AutoRoute 2011 Europe software makes search on the postal code, address or place
• Tools for pinning of visited places of interest – a useful feature as for travellers so for business as it helps to visualize the way completed
Microsoft AutoRoute 2011 Europe is a tried and tested tool for business trip advanced planning to avoid unwanted cases of time and fuel wasting.


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