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CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7
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CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 is an advanced set of tools specific technical design and illustrating. The suite offers advanced isometric tools for graphics creation and design, top file and format compatibility and publishing features. The application allows technical experts to quickly create design and illustrating projects, accumulate visual data from various sources and communicate project ideas across the company or to the stakeholders with simple to use tools. Corel has always developed amazing instruments for virtual reality, technical niche and web design.

Top new features of CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7

CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 is a release of 2015 with a set of new options available and ensuring fast and simple workflows on technical design development.

Advanced 3D PDF publishing option – now you can export any data from your project and integrate them into 3D PDF file to simplify cross-platform publishing of your projects;

Advanced TMS supporting – technical translation is not a problem any more. Choose an abstract of text, send it to TMS (translation memory system) and get it back well translated for your project. This is an essential time saving feature allowing to accelerate the project workflow and to avoid dependence of the project on certain time consuming tasks;

Advanced 3D CAD to Illustration transformation – the CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 release offers advanced automation tools for rendering of 3D CAD data into simple illustrations. This is another time saving feature to accelerate workflows on projects.

Redesigned user interface and user experience – the new design has become clearer and simpler. A user gets more tools on the surface. The tools are better grouped. A user gets more predefined workspaces or is able to set a custom workspace. The UX is better optimized for multi-screen performance;

Updated and upgraded qr-code maker – QR-codes are a simple way to lead a potential customer right to an online source (a website, a landing page, a store, application download and other sources). With this tool you will easily produce high quality QR-codes for print materials as labels, magazines, instructions and guides;

Advanced precision tools for designing and drawing – with new set of tools and a great collection of templates and cliparts you will easily create an object or project and with new precision tools for aligning and positioning of objects you will achieve extra precision of your designs and illustrations which is of great importance in technical design and projects.

What tools are in the kit of CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7?

On getting the kit of tools CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 you will discover:

• Designer – specific edition for precision design and illustrating
• CorelDRAW component – for vector graphics and web page layouts
• Photo-Paint X7 – for professional editing of photos
• PowerTRACE – the tool allows to trace bitmap to vector images
• Connect component – for fast and easy content search and integration into the project
• Zoom Pro 3 – a tool for enlarging of images
• Studio Corel edition – for advanced 3D visualization

With CorelDRAW Technical Suite X7 edition you will get all necessary tools for technical documentation, sketches, 3D images of machinery creation.


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