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Corel WordPerfect Office X7 Professional Edition
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Corel WordPerfect Office X7 Professional Edition is a powerful, cross functional and easy to use suite of office tools. This is an excellent alternative for those, who cannot use Microsoft Office for some reason.

This suite was developed mostly for the needs of business users. With this version, users can create text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. Due to the support of more than 60 file formats, including PDF and the newest Microsoft Office formats, this suite speeds up the productivity of work. Except for built in PDF tools there is also eBook Publisher and the other free applications that can improve your work processes.

With such classic features as Reveal Codes and Make it Fit, you can control multi-page and mission-critical documents. Such tools as Metadata removal or Redaction will help you protect the confidential information.

Well familiar interface, dual-monitor support and the existence of built-in PDF tools allow users to increase their productivity. With the PDF Form feature, you can create PDF forms. The existence of the Macro Manager gives an opportunity to edit, store or run macros.
The Mail Merge Expert is an irreplaceable tool, which simplifies work with mails. This tool helps users automatize the process of creating envelopes. This application merges data source with other documents like letters and envelopes. The application offers step-by-step instructions that will help organize sending of email messages.

Such feature as Publish to HTML allows users to publish documents even in HTML5 format.

WordPerfect X7 Professional allows users to change settings in accordance with your preferences. Users can customize menu, key combinations and tool bars as they like.

Users, whose everyday work is related to legal services, can boost their productivity with the help of the Bates Numbering. They can easily add the Bates Numbering to the WordPerfect documents. For the fast identification, a counting number is assigned to every page.

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