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Autodesk Maya 2017
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Make it with Maya

Autodesk Maya 2017 is new software which has a very powerful set of instruments developed for animation, modeling and simulation processes. It can also be used for motion graphics, character creation and virtual reality.

The new release contains important workflow improvements and completely new instruments (for instance the Time Editor). The latter is a superb instrument for designing clip-based or non-linear animations. The completely new Render Setup option speeds up the process of managing complex scenes with shot-based overrides and templates.

Due to the Interactive Groom Splines option users can groom all types of hair or fur in XGen much easier and faster. The feature contains a set of simple brush-based instruments.

Also, the software has the Content Browser and completely new Workspaces that allow personalizing Maya.

Except for this functionality, you will be pleased to see that the new release comprises special Motion Graphics options. They are the 3D Type Tool, the SVG Tool and the MASH Procedural Effects ToolKit that allow creating versatile motion design animations.

This edition has a feature, using which users can send Maya models to Print Studio for 3D printing.

The new release supports a very useful option for the file import and export – Autodesk Translation Framework. The latest edition of FBX (2017.0.1) was also added to this release. It contains important bug fixes and supports HumanIK roll bones and brand new LOD improvements.

This edition gave users an opportunity to increase screening of the exclusion of attributes from lock operation at the time of file referencing. Now it’s possible to exclude individual attributes on only certain nodes or exclude all attributes of the chosen nodes.

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