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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017
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Autodesk Inventor Professional 2017 is the most reputable computer-aided design program used by designers with the aim to create 3D digital prototypes. This application is the main competitor of Solidworks. Nevertheless, millions of users prefer this edition to a number of other ones thanks to its high performance, reliability and an extensive range of options.

This particular release is the latest one and has a number of significant improvements. The overarching goal of this release is to improve the performance of professional designers.

The developers worked in different areas and provided users with the following improvements:
• Much better interoperability. Due to this enhancement the process of uniting design data became faster now.
• Improvements to the main design tools. This feature enables designers to do their creative work faster. The general performance will be optimized.
• Integrated communication features. These options allow users of this edition to connect each other and share the results of their work.
A combination of all these enhancements gives designers an opportunity to create the design projects of high quality.

The developers also added many new 3D Sketch commands that offer much better control. The new 3D Transform Command is one of the most notable enhancements. It offers a plethora of geometry manipulation tools. Using them, the users of this version will see that it simplifies the process of moving geometry.

New constraint types were also added to this release. They offer much better and more precise control over the design projects. Thanks to this improvement, one can easily sketch curves on different 3D faces.

Except for these options, the developers also added new surfacing tools like Guide Rails and the Sweep Option. Using these tools, designers can create curves and points with the aim to shape the patch.

The improved reporting of cross-part references allows users of this edition to access related parts faster.

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