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Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2012
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Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2012 is the best software product used in the area of professional drafting. This particular edition is an excellent combination of reliable and powerful 2D drawing tools. The prime objective of all these tools is to speed up the working process of designers or architects.

There are many new and several improved 2D tools. Such tools as multifunctional grips or gradient hatch patterns provide better control. DGN input or output tools were also improved.

The collaboration functionality was also enhanced greatly. Users of this release can create or edit documents in the genuine DWG file format and share the results of their work with other members of their working team.

Though this edition was launched five years ago, many AutoCAD users still prefer this one. The app is not so expensive, reviewing against the latest editions. Besides, it has good functionality and low requirements to hardware.

The developers added lots of useful instruments to this release. Such tools as the Sheet Set Manager, Sketch, Align or Quick Dimension can really boost the working process.

Associative Arrays is one of the greatest enhancements. It allows users to save lots of working time. The main goal of this tool is to create the relationships between different arrayed objects. Now users can create conceptual design faster (as compared to the previous editions).

Through the use of Autodesk Content Explorer, one can find the required design content faster. This improvement helps users create a special index of their data on network or local drives. Due to this functionality, files are accessed faster.

With the help of the new Blend tool, one can create a spline, which can join two different curves faster.

The Group function was also improved. Now the process of creating or changing the groups is faster. The users of this release can choose, whether they want to edit objects in groups or separately.

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