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Autodesk AutoCad Civil 3D 2012
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Autodesk AutoCad Civil 3D 2012 is an engineering software providing full-fledged design environment to support building information modeling projects. It is developed specifically to design various civil objects or to create real life civil infrastructure digitally. The software allows to automate many processes which have previously done by hand or on paper. Smart core evaluates multiple data for creating exact copies and for evaluation of possible risks and dangers considering specific features of the environment for which the infrastructure is created. Too complicated? Autodesk AutoCad Civil 3D 2012 can be used for projecting road infrastructure of the city or for estimating of a skyscraper in a certain part of the city considering environmental factors.

The software allows to transform the projects and models from 2D into 3D objects. Working in the developing environment you will enjoy great performance and improved project delivery due to multiple processes being automated. This allows to eliminate errors and mistakes as well as to save time and efforts. The application sufficiently minimizes human resources needed for a single project delivery.

What are the top features of the Autodesk AutoCad Civil 3D 2012 version?

The 2012 version is the simplest one which is still available on the market. It allows saving costs getting the most basic features and options the later versions of Autodesk AutoCad Civil 3D can present.

This version of software allows to:
Create a base map considering specific features and existing conditions of the surface for which the project is planned. The application considers information about utilities, facilities, parcels, topography and other issues which can potentially affect the design and implementation of the future project.

Design alignment considering the existing conditions of the surface and necessary corrections of the base of the developed object. For alignment the application can use either user collected data or from existing issues.

Design criteria application – the software allows you to determine the intent of the design and to set constraints which have to be considered in the design and during the alignment process.

Generation of existing profiles of the ground – this option allows to correct designed object or project according with existing profiles and conditions of the landscape of the target area.

Assemblies construction — this specific option allows you to estimate which assemblies will be needed for planned constructions and how they should be realized.

End results analysis and visualization – the Autodesk AutoCad Civil 3D 2012 version offers a complete tool kit for end result analysis as well as a simple tool to visualize the model to present it for end users.

Design optimization – based on the results of the end results analysis the software will offer design optimization to fit a designed object better to the set environmental conditions.

System requirements of the Autodesk AutoCad Civil 3D 2012 version?

As the 2012 version is outdated it is not very demanding towards system requirements of the computer. To run the Autodesk AutoCad Civil 3D 2012 version seamlessly you will need:
• Windows 7/8 or later
• Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon multicore processor with 1,6Ghz of each core minimum
• at least 1Gb of RAM (however 8Gb is recommendable if the application will be used for complex projects)
• 12Gb of free space on hard disk for product installation, additional 7Gb to unpack all libraries with 22Gb left free for the software to keep temporary files


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