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Adobe Premiere Pro CC
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English, 中文, français, Deutsch, italiano, 日本語, 한국어, русский, español
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Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the best modern video editing software, which remains in great request among video editors from all over the globe. This edition has many significant improvements, focused on the simplification of the working process and improvement of the work result.
The prime objective of this release is to give video editors more intuitive workflow. To do this, the developers added several GPU-accelerated options. They are as follows:
• GPU debayering.
• Smooth interaction with the Lumetri Deep Color Engine.
• Transition option with Morph Cuts.
All users of this release have a chance to preview and edit 360-degree footage. All this is possible thanks to the GPU-accelerated VR mode, which allows users to pan or click-drag the objects on a VR video clip.
The users of this software can load several clips into the Source monitor and editor them. Using a special key combination, you can easily cycle through each clip.
The developers also added the new Automate to sequence button, which lets users create a series of markers on one timeline. If necessary, users can easily duplicate the title in the Project panel.
The process of importing files is also simplified. Now, you can do it through the use of the Media Browser. It also shows the users other Premiere projects.
The move-insert editing feature helps users move any clip in a sequence without the necessity to leave the gaps. This option is in irreplaceable tool for those users who search for possibilities to rearrange clips in the timeline.
All users also have a chance to work with proxy video. A very intuitive workflow allows users to do this. The new dialog box helps you create proxies and after that edit them. Besides, you can set your preferences and use proxies after you perform a number of other editing tasks.
Top and Tail editing tools help users trim different points of one clip to the playhead. This version also comprises many master clip effects that help users create incredible videos.
Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a time-proved video editing software product, used by millions of users from pole to pole. Here, at we offer you an excellent opportunity to buy the OEM version of this software product at the best price. Our software store can be your reputable business partner, providing you or your company with OEM software. These days, buying OEM soft, you will save money because its cost is lower as compared to the brand versions. Nevertheless, OEM versions are endowed with the same functionality.

What's new

Take your Premiere Clip projects further
Get support for more native formats
Easily manipulate color in the Lumetri Color panel
Automatically adjust video duration
A more touch-friendly editing experience
Smooth transitions between talking-head sound bites
Save time with task-oriented workspaces
Audio workflows made easier
Your assets, available anywhere
Superior responsiveness on external displays
Easily turn closed captions into subtitles

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