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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6
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Professional photographers from all over the world recommend Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 as the best program for work with digital images. Professional photographers or those who just begin their career can download, edit and demonstrate their works in one and the same application. Besides, you can create professional works and make experiments with a number of modern tools for image editing.

This product is Adobe’s professional image cataloguing software and should be used together with a regular program like Photoshop. If you want to do some heavy-duty manipulations, you still need Photoshop. However, this version is perfect for those users who need to adjust exposure or colors, clone out objects or apply graduated filters for skies. If you want to improve some objects or areas of the photo, various adjustment brushes are at your disposal.

This version is very powerful one and the majority of things you can do without the help of a separate image editor. Using Lightroom 6, you can easily adjust contrast, white balance, saturation or clarity. Those who want to counteract distortion can use special in-built profiles for lens correction. Developers also added geometric correction instruments for those who want to fix perspective issues.

Adjustment brush helps you paint adjustments in some areas of an image. Graduated Filter tool is an unexpendable tool for darkening of bright skies. Using the Radial Filter, you can add various effects to your images.
However, the most significant upgrade is new editing tools. Developers added new HDR tools and users consider them to be probably the most significant improvement.

Slideshow tools also have undergone some changes – now users can receive movie-like experience.

Those who face the task to work with photobooks will surely appreciate the capability to create a number of photobooks using various patterns.

New Panorama merge option offers users three various projections. It works very well and gives an opportunity to receive professionally edited pictures.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 is not just a simple addition offering a number of tools. A number of professional photographers tested this version and they recommend it to every user.


- Easily create HDR images and stunning superwide scenes with panoramas
- Easily find photos of specific people with facial recognition
- Remove unwanted scene elements with the Advanced Healing Brush
- Straighten tilted images with the Upright tool
- Convert to black-and-white with precise control
- Experiment freely in a nondestructive editing environment
- Use Lightroom on Mac and PC
- Save up to 60% with

What customers say

Sarah, US
I bought Windows license. The manager advised me to buy the academic license not to overpay. The box with Windows was delivered in a few days. The installed it for 30 minutes, it works great, I am satisfied. Thank you!
Charlie, US
My friend recommended me as the store, offering only OEM software. He is a professional designer, who frequently faces the necessity to buy professional programs. He knows the role of top-quality programs in design. Here he obtained the latest version of Adobe Photoshop and was fully satisfied with the service and product quality. I followed his advice yesterday and now I can bear out what was said by my friend!
Malcolm, GB
If there is a necessity to buy a current version of some new software, I will surely buy it here. No doubts! Excellent service is much more important than money.