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Adobe InDesign CC
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English, 中文, čeština, dansk, Nederlands, suomi, français, Deutsch, magyar, italiano, 日本語, 한국어, norsk (bokmål), polski, português, русский, español, svenska, українська
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Adobe InDesign CC is the new software product developed by Adobe Systems. The new software is characterized by much better performance characteristics; it supports Apple’s Retina displays and the other types of similar high-resolution displays. Also, the new app received a completely new interface, a font-menu overhaul, improved QR Code generator and serious ePub enhancements.

The main changes of the app are connected with the performance characteristics. If you use one of the brand new Retina displays, you will definitely notice that the interface looks much sharper. Now, InDesign is a 64-bit application, which supports 3 and more GB of RAM due to which customers can easily work with complex data files. Launching of the application became much faster. Now, after launching, a user is forwarded to the main interface without displaying the welcome screen. The interface of the app is dark, but it can be easily changed in the settings of the application.

A new Document dialog box has several major improvements. The icons near the top allow users saving or deleting presets. The settings became more strict and obvious, and the brand new preview button says InDesign to show a new document in a special document window before clicking the Ok button.

One more major improvement is the navigation of dialog boxes. After pressing the Tab key, the app leads you from the button to button and from the field to field.

New features were also added to font menus. To find a necessary font, you just need to type any characters of the font’s name. It helps easily finding fonts that have the similar name.
Also, it became much easier to preview the text in the desired font. To see the text in a certain font, a user should just click on the name of the necessary font.

The developers also changed the interface of the font family members. To show or hide family members, a user just needs to click the disclosure triangle next to the font family name.

Customers received an opportunity to create their own list of favorite fonts. To add a font to the list of most needed fonts, a user needs to tap on the star symbol next to the font. To see only the favorite fonts, you just need to enable the checkbox – Show Favorite Fonts Only.
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What's new

Edit once, update everywhere
Find the perfect image or graphic, fast
Integrated with Adobe Comp CC
Adobe Mercury Performance System advancements
Place images into tables
Add shading to paragraphs
Easily publish documents online
More Acrobat PDF defaults

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I bought Windows license. The manager advised me to buy the academic license not to overpay. The box with Windows was delivered in a few days. The installed it for 30 minutes, it works great, I am satisfied. Thank you!
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A perfect online shop. I advise all my friends and colleagues this software store. Technical support is always at its best.