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Adobe Illustrator CC is a well-known vector graphic editor, created by Adobe Systems. Using this release, users will face lots of enhancements and newly added features that will definitely speed up the working process. This app is still tied to the Creative Cloud options.
The most noticeable improvement is the new “What’s new” dialog box. Now, when you open the application, you will always see it. Its prime objective is to draw your attention to new options and present you the video training material in order to show how this particular option works.
Pencil tools were updated. This enhancement is regarded to be the most significant one. Earlier, this feature was used with the aim to create freeform paths. In this version, users can also add straight segments to different paths they draw using this particular tool.
Segment reshape improvements will also influence your functionality. Using this release, it is easy to reshape path segments in different ways through the use of several tools. Using the Pen tool, one can easily reshape a previously drawn segment. Using the Direct Selection tool, one can easily edit the path.
The developers also added the Live Corners to speed up the working process of the users. Using it, the process of reshaping the corner anchor points is simpler and faster now. Besides, the app offers several methods of applying Live Corners.
The users of this version can easily create custom tools panels. This option is an easy way to access the instruments you use on an ongoing basis. You can either open or close it (it makes no matter what document is closed at the moment).
Working with Typekit fonts is also improved. One can easily sync Typekit fonts to the desktop through the use of the Creative Cloud app.
The developers of this edition also worked on the SVG workflow. They added several SVG options like the Responsive selection and Fonts Type Options.
Using this particular release, it is easy to export or import such program settings as default profiles, workspaces or width profiles. Users can create a separate settings package file and share it with others (if necessary).
Adobe Illustrator CC is an irreplaceable tool for those whose everyday work is related to vector graphic editing. If your overarching goal is to save cash and use all benefits of this program, you can purchase the OEM version. OEM software is endowed with the same functionality as the original software is, but it is comparatively cheaper. Users of the OEM version don’t overpay for the delivery or brand name. Our online software store,, offers you an opportunity to buy the OEM version of Adobe Illustrate CC with a good discount.

What's new

Edit once, update everywhere
Find the perfect image or graphic, fast
10x faster zoom, pan and scroll
10x greater zoom magnification
Never lose your work
Integrated with new Adobe Comp CC
Use Sketch art in large-format designs

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