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Adobe Framemaker 2015
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English, français, Deutsch, 日本語
Available: 50+
Adobe Framemaker 2015 is the best, complete solution for creating and publishing multilingual technical content. Though this edition is not the latest one, it is still very popular among the experienced users. It offers great functionality and at the same time has low requirements to hardware.
This release generated great expectations and not in vain. Adobe Framemaker 2015 offers many new opportunities and highly anticipated new options. This app is an irreplaceable tool for everyone, whose everyday work is related to writing or processing complex documents. This is the best document processor, developed by Adobe.
The first enhancement which must be mentioned is the Miniature Table of Contents. The prime objective of this option is to make complex and long documents easier to navigate. At first gaze, this feature seems to be inconspicuous, but it really influences the performance. Thanks to it, the process of automatically generating chapter-level lists is faster.
Besides, this release enables users to deliver the results of work to different mobile devices or applications. Due to the functionality of this option, users can easily publish their content as mobile applications.
The import of Microsoft Word files is smoother now. When a user wants to import the Word document, styles are mapped. When you import a file, you can choose which style to map and which one to ignore.
This edition also supports Right-to-Left languages (Arabic and Hebrew). This is a great enhancement because a number of writers were waiting for this option for more than 20 years. Now, users can easily work with left-to-right or right-to-left languages in one document.
The designer pods were also improved. Users of this release can easily either create or update styles. There are several new labeled buttons for paragraphs, allowing you to modify styles faster. Several configurable features were relabeled.
The menu has also undergone changes. Now, users can work with reorganized menu features that are more logically distributed. The process of inserting images or other elements is faster.
The best way to save money and make use of all benefits of this product is to buy the OEM version of Adobe Framemaker 2015. Here, at, we offer many Adobe products for sale and this release is not an exception. Buying the OEM version, you will obtain not only professional software product but will save cash as well. The cost of OEM versions is lower because customers don’t overpay for the brand name or shipment. They pay for the program and its main features.

Leverage support for Arabic and Hebrew

Bidirectional language support
Bidirectional content flipping
Bidirectional language publishing

Publish to mobile devices in multiple formats

Out-of-the-box multichannel, multidevice publishing
Mobile app output
Personalized dynamic content
New HTML5 layout
Publishing to Adobe Digital Publishing Solution (DPS)
Custom fonts in EPUB files
Attractive customizable WebHelp skins
Reference page image publishing
SVG support in HTML5 output
Reuse of Adobe RoboHelp style mappings
Reusable publishing elements
HTML page template support

Experience best-in-class XML authoring

DITA 1.3 support
Enhanced Structure view
Simplified XML authoring
Customized environments for simplified XML authoring
Improved support for inline MathML equations
Enhanced Quick Element toolbar
Faster EDD customization process
DITAVAL support in DITA-OT publishing
Comprehensive DITA 1.2 support
DITA maps preview, including nested maps
Multiviews: native XML code, WYSIWYG, and Author view
Smart Paste
Improved white space handling as per XML standards
Comprehensive DTD support
XPath 2.0 support
XSLT 2.0 support
Publishing DITA maps to books

Work smarter, accomplish more

Smoother import of Microsoft Word files
Miniature Table of Contents (mini TOC)
Conditional table columns
Enhanced visual conditional indicators
Conditional text at the book level
Integration with CMSs
Integration with DitaExchange CMS
Improved usability in tables
Automatic insertion of table continuation variables
Enhanced pod support
Smart filters in pods
Enhanced UI
Improved FrameMaker and Adobe Experience Manager connector
More out-of-the-box table styles
Simultaneous PDF-based reviews and authoring
Single-click session restore for quick start
Out-of-the-box Dropbox integration
QR codes to connect print and online worlds
Smart catalogs

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