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Adobe Flash Professional CS6
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English, čeština, dansk, Nederlands, suomi, français, Deutsch, magyar, italiano, 日本語, 한국어, polski, português, español, svenska, Türkçe
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Adobe Flash Professional CS6 is the most powerful environment for creating multimedia content for different types of devices. The app has a multiple device support and this feature is regarded to be one of the greatest benefits. Besides, there are many noticeable enhancements that influence the app performance.
The developers added the new mobile content simulator, which helps users simulate Hardware keys, has Multi-touch and even Geo-location.
The app has many animation tools that make it an irreplaceable program for game designers. The new sprite sheet feature offers lots of benefits for game developers. Through the use of sprite sheets, users can easily convert vector art animations into bitmaps. This option is crucially important for devices that have low processing power. The process of generating the sprite sheets is also simplified. To do this, users need to create a pixel-based animation and after that they should put the sprites in one image file. Besides, sprite sheets help users adapt the game to a number of devices.
One more timesaving feature is the capability to optimize the sprite sheet by cropping them. The program will adjust the size automatically.
The app also features Adobe Air Mobile Simulation. This option enables users to test GPS functions. You can easily enter GPS coordinates and you will see how the program would respond.
Air integration and support are one of the greatest enhancements of this release. Now, the procedure of updating and debugging the Air applications is faster and more user-friendly. Users can easily debug content running on iOS or Android remotely.
The support for Native Extensions is one more enhancement. In case the user has the necessity to access the vibration function, they just should add in the relevant ANE and after that they can use ActionScript in order to send or receive data.
The support for Captive Runtime gives users an opportunity to export AIR content. The end user isn’t obliged to install AIR separately.
Taking into consideration a number of workflow improvements, better integration and many new options, Adobe Flash Professional CS6 will definitely be useful for many users. Buying the OEM version, you will save cash and get the best tool, improving your functionality. OEM software is endowed with the same functionality as the branded one, but it is cheaper. Users are not obliged to overpay for the shipment, disk or the brand name. Our online software store,, offers you to buy the OEM version of this product at the best price.

What's new

New support for HTML5
Sprite sheet generation
Wide platform and device support
Prepackaged Adobe AIR application creation
Adobe AIR mobile simulation
Stage 3D targeting


Design with expression
Write code quickly and perform testing easily
Create once, deploy virtually anywhere

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Edward , US
Earlier, the process of buying software was time-consuming for me. I was made to investigate prices in several stores in my city or wait for a delivery. Due to your online store, I finally realized that the purchase of OEM software not only saves my time but money as well. Thank you!
Kenneth, US
As long as the buyer carefully reads the download and installation instructions there should be no problems. Once installed the Access 2010 that I purchases interfaced seamlessly with my other Office 2010 programs.
Amelia, US
My company cares about the quality of products we produce. However, we prefer not to overpay. fully satisfied my requirements. I bought OEM software here and I didn’t' regret my choice.