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Adobe Fireworks CS6
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Adobe Fireworks CS6 is a useful application, allowing users to work with vector and bitmap images. The key purpose of this release is to help users create and edit the mockups of websites or mobile applications without code writing.
This release is endowed with a number of useful improvements that will simplify everyday work, related to vector images. The integration with Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator or other Abode products will help developers achieve their vision faster.
The enhanced CSS support is one of the most notable enhancements. Using this option, the designers can easily export CSS code and create CSS sprites. The process of exporting layouts is also faster now.
Due to the new jQuery Mobile theme skinning support, users of this edition can easily create or update jQuery themes for website or program design.
The set of tools was also increased. The developers of this release added several simple bitmap graphic tools. The new screen-based design tools allow users to create or optimize their designs.
Pixel-precise rendering is one more enhancement of this particular release. This option allows users to keep designs crisp on destination screens. Besides, now all bitmap or vector objects appear sharper.
Color selection enhancements also simplify the work with this app. Now, users can use special buttons with the aim to specify such options as gradient, solid or patterns in the Tool bar. The new Stroke Dialog Box helps users select the stroke position.
Performance improvements allow users of this edition to work faster.
Except for the main enhancements, there were added many other changes in Adobe Fireworks CS6. They are as follows:
• The redesigned Styles Panel.
• The highlighted location node.
• The new Eyedropper tool helps users copy or stroke the color.
• Users can easily locate the default Fireworks template in the user’s directory. This feature speeds up the working process.
• The swatches and path panel were renewed.
• The developers updated the Styles Library. They added several new categories like Button Symbol styles and Stroke Color Dots.
• The new Tool Tips were added.
• Updated libraries.
This release has undergone significant changes. For that reason, it is worth updating. Nevertheless, buying the brand app, you will definitely overpay. If you want to test all benefits of this edition, buy the OEM version of Adobe Fireworks CS6. When you prefer the OEM version to the branded one, you will pay for the product itself. You don’t overpay for the brand name, disk, delivery and adverts.
Here, at, you can buy the OEM version of this release at acceptable prices.


Quickly design prototypes for mobile and tablet apps
Simplify your workflow
Efficiently produce better screen graphics

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