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ABBYY Scan Station 9
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ABBYY Scan Station 9 is a simple tool for scanning of large volumes of paper documents at office and at home. The tool is essential assistant to save time and get scanning tasks done automatically with less efforts applied. The software is optimized for production level professional scanners as well as meets everyday challenges with home and office printers.

ABBYY Scan Station 9 turns paper documents into easily searchable and accessible digital copies of documents with well-structured information architecture and preserved formatting applied to printed papers. The software processes documents quickly and is compatible with all types of scanners.

What are the benefits of ABBYY Scan Station 9?

The ABBYY Scan Station 9 release features simplified user interface which helps to escape learning curve and to save time on teaching your stuff on how to use the software. The tool is ready to use right away with no additional setting and tuning.

Organizing your document stuff – on scanning multiple documents at a time it is very easy to get loss in the piles of digital copies and unknown numbers. ABBYY Scan Station 9 does the work for you applying proper page count, bar codes and patch codes as well as eliminating blank pages. You can be sure your digital document stuff will be turned into a well-organized document data base.

Advanced post scanning editing tools – ABBYY Scan Station 9 offers a great set of tools to optimize, view, edit, convert documents.

What does ABBYY Scan Station 9 do?

The ABBYY Scan Station 9 version allows to transform your piles of documents into an easily accessible, well organized and simply searchable knowledge base. Without specific tools as ABBYY Scan Station 9 this task will take days and weeks of manual work. But with this professional scanning tool the task of transforming your document pile into a knowledge base is a task of a minute.

The ABBYY Scan Station 9 tool is of immense help for businesses which a large network of remote departments and offices. The head office can get all the documents of the day produced and generated in remote offices by the end of the business day without adding daily routine tasks to the staff. This will avoid unnecessary expenses on multiplying and delivering hard copies of documents as well as for storing these documents.

ABBYY Scan Station 9 can be used as quality control tool correctly reading bar and batch codes of documents, enhancing the quality of scanned image copies and document structuring.

However the top benefit of ABBYY Scan Station 9 is its readiness to be launched on your office PC network right from the box. It is easily installed and is ready to use right away. Due to high compatibility with a wide range of scanning devices with no need to teach your staff.

ABBYY Scan Station 9 is an essential business assistant accelerating daily document routine and enhancing performance of your employees. The software is cheap and easy to support. You will not need to hire a pro IT-specialist to get the software supported and well running.


Easy-to-use Intuitive Interface of Scanning System
Common Capture Interface for a Wide Spectrum of Scanning Devices
User-friendly Scanning Profiles
Automatic Naming
Essential Post-scan Editing Tools
Preserving Confidential Information
Large Variety of Output Options and Formats
Editing and Conversion of Images from Other Sources
Easy Migration Path to ABBYY Document Processing Software

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