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Chief Architect Premier X8
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Chief Architect Premier X8 is reputable software which can meet the architectural needs. This is a handy design tool, allowing designers to implement their building ideas to life. Through the use of this app, one can easily design house projects and a plethora of other building projects. This is an irreplaceable tool for designers, which helps them draft even the smallest details of their homes. To do this, the app offers many useful options.

The first thing which requires attention is the interface. This release acquired multiple menus and sub-windows. There are lots of useful tools, allowing designers to handle many aspects of house building. Due to the changed interface, the work with designing electrical, heating and plumbing systems is simplified greatly. Besides, the release offers many realistic images for developing 3D rendering.

Except for these functionalities, the app offers to users an opportunity to estimate the approximate cost of the whole business process. One can easily create the average schedule for completing the building constructions and edit the prices for building materials.

Except for the above-mentioned enhancements, the users of this edition will benefit using many new tools. Some of these options were inherited from the previous versions. Even if you have lots of files created in the previous versions, you can easily open and edit them in Chief Architect Premier X8. Besides, this edition supports 3D Connection’s 3D Mice.

Work with layers sets was also simplified. Now, one can rename them and add new data to them. This improvement allows users to make layers more recognizable.

If you choose the objects from the libraries, you can preview and place them in your building project. Through the use of this option, designers can check whether the selected object corresponds to the selected environment.

This particular release is a great tool for designing full-fledged architectural projects with the required documentation. When you change some parts of your projects, the data is also updated.

In any case, Chief Architect Premier X8 is deemed to be a professional software product, used for residential design. It is much more profitable to buy the downloadable software version. You buy it online, pay for the product and download it almost immediately.

Here, at, you can buy the OEM version of this app at the most affordable price. We are a trustworthy software store, specializing in offering for sale OEM versions of the best software developers for designers, architects, photographers, filmmakers, etc.

Chief Architect Kitchen, Bath & Interior Design

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